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Confirming Our Event

Dear %$firstname$%,
This message is to confirm our event on %$custom:field2$%. Simply take 10 seconds to look over the following information:

Date: %$custom:field2$%

Time: %$custom:field3$%

Event Location: %$custom:field4$%

Type of Event: %$custom:field1$%

Approximate number of guests: %$custom:field5$%

Balance due at time of performance: %$custom:field11$%

If everything looks good, simply click this link to confirm our event together:

    Confirm Our & Event     

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This will let me know that you have received this message and everything looks great.

If there are any changes or if you do need to speak with me, please give me a call at %$merchantworkphone$% or just reply to this email.

Thanks %$firstname$% and I look forward to seeing you soon!